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Hanna HI755 Checker Alkalinity for Saltvand 0 - 300 ppm CaCO₃

Hanna HI755 Checker Alkalinity for Saltvand 0 - 300 ppm CaCO₃

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Hanna HI755 Alkalinitet checker til måling af alkalitet i dit marine akvarium

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  • Improve the accuracy of your results for your saltwater aquarium with our simple handheld colorimeter. Our alkalinity colorimeter closes the distance between alkalinity test kits and advanced instrumentation. Standard test kits are limited with accuracy since they depend upon the human eye to discern colors. Our handheld colorimeter eliminates the struggle of matching to a color chart by providing a direct saltwater alkalinity result in ppm CaCO3.

    • Our handheld colorimeter is portable and fits right in your pocket.
    • Get your alkalinity results easily with simple one-button operation.
    • Don’t worry about matching the right color, our colorimeter does it for you.

    The HI755 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) provides a simple, accurate and cost-effective way to measure alkalinity. Crucial in marine environments, alkalinity provides both the carbonate ion required for calcium carbonate skeletal regeneration of coral reefs, as well as a pH buffer against large changes in acidity. Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI755 provides quick, accurate results in a few easy steps.

    Features at-a-glance

    • Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits
    • Dedicated to a single parameter
    • Small size, big convenience
    • Ideal for: Water Quality, Environmental, Education, IndustriaL
    Specification  Detail
    Range 0 to 300 ppm CaCO₃
    Resolution 1 ppm
    Accuracy @ 25° ±5 ppm ±5% of reading
    Light Source LED @ 610 nm
    Light Detector silicon photocell
    Method colorimetric method. The reaction causes a distinctive range of colors from yellow to green to blue to develop
    Battery Type (1) 1.5V AAA
    Auto-off after ten minutes of non-use
    Environment 0 to 50°C; RH max 95% non-condensing
    Dimensions 86.0 x 61.0 x 37.5 mm 
    Weight 64 g
    Ordering Information HI755 Checker®HC is supplied with sample cuvettes with caps (2), seawater alkalinity reagent starter kit (reagents for 25 tests), syringe with tip, battery, instructions and quick start guide.
    Caliobration set HI-755-11 (not included)
    Warranty 1 year

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